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Die Gotthard Nordrampe
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Furka Bergstrecke und Gletsch in H0m


Willi Rutz aus Winterthur hat dieses absolut sehenswerte Diorama geschaffen und in Bauma 2011 im Schulhaus präsentiert:


Fantastic Model Train Layout from Switzerland

A gorgeous model railway layout was built by Willi Rutz from Switzerland. Sometimes this model railroad layout is named as the Furka Pass or Oberalp Mountain Pass Train or as Model Train Station Gletsch in H0m Scale. HOm means narrow gauge or narrow gauge railway. The model railway presents the famous narrow gauge railway system along the Furka Oberalp Mountain in Switzerland. The model train layout is a detailed replica of the Gletsch Station. All buildings, roads and railway tracks were created by hand. Train controlling is based on Zimo radio control panels; furthermore there are products and locomotives of HAPO, BEMO, Shinohara, Sommerfeld, STL, Motreno, Fulgurex and Ferro Suisse.
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